With decades of experience in the corporate world, we understand how important it is to integrate your unique brand identity into every single detail of your event and produce it with uttermost perfection. We aim to not only celebrate your brand, but give those who matter most to your company, who are the heart of it all an elevated and personalized experience. We create unforgettable moments that energize and excite your guests so they can go out to proliferate the company’s mission.


Whether it be a simple lounge set up or a funky over the top theme, we make anything you dream up come to life. From idea conception to creation, we are equipped to realize your vision. Our goal is to give you and your guests an unmatched experience from the moment they walk in the door. From the details that adorn the tables, to the fun out of the norm experiences, or anything in between. We create experiences that will turn into lifelong memories.


Your passion for what you do shines far beyond a one night event. We thoughtfully and insightfully execute an environment that facilitates understanding, compassion, and represents your deepest passion for change. Our design process integrates your mission which allows guests to feel empowered to support your cause during and well after the event is over.

Luxury Wedding

Your love is like no other and we aim to create your wedding style as just that, a representation of your unique and intimate love for each other. We work with your personal wedding planner to make your dream wedding come to life by executing every single detail, down to the specific fold of a napkin, to ensure it is a day that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.