A lot of parties and events have one thing in common: celebration! What better way to celebrate at your event than a nice cocktail? We have just the bar to do that!

Take a look at all the different types of bars we have to offer to fit any event and its theme.

These insert bars allow you to tie in your overall design theme into this piece by customizing it and adding whatever you want.

We can add a custom decal or insert to your bar to display your event logo

plus, a bar doesn’t only have to be for the drinks! Use it as your event check-in station.

We can also customize your event’s bar with a decal of your wedding, company, or event’s logo!

light Up bars

Let these bars illuminate your event when the lights go down!

Bars like these will be the focal point of any room with their funky and textured patterns.

Rustic & Holiday Themed Bars

Every event could use a bar, so let us create one to match your event’s design and theme, be it Rustic, Holiday, or just because!